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Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Customs & Regulatory Compliance for Manufacturing
Descartes Customs & Regulatory Compliance solutions
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With offshore sourcing and assembly, the need for compliance filings with governments all over the world for safety, security and commercial reasons has become a de facto part of global manufacturing. Failing to adequately integrate technology that supports regulatory compliance into your international logistics operations means slower performance and potentially costly fines. Because of the filing diversity that exists across different countries, transportation modes and filing processes (e.g. import, export, in-transit and customs declarations), you need to work with experts who understand the local requirements and have the ability to get the critical data from not only your operations, but also your trading partners.


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Contemporary literature on disaster resilience of transportation infrastructure and seaports is reviewed. In general it is observed that there is still no widely accepted measure for resilience of transportation infrastructure for any mode of transportation.


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